What Music was to Beethoven – video-click on picture
Reagan Created the Presidents Committee on Arts and Humanities video-click on picture
Architects of the Mind – video-click on picture
Beverley K. Eakman Who is he Target? – radio interview-click on picture
Compulsion: Death Sentence or Life in Prison? – video-click on picture
Socrates for Children – video-click on picture
Education, Self-Government and Our Current Crisis – video-click on picture
Socrates, Plato and Aristotle – video-click on picture


High Noon
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The Brain and the Mind video click on title

Arts in School Keep Children in School video click on title

Do Schools kill Creativity? video click on title

Bring on the Learning Revolution video click on title

The Revolt of the Angels audio book click on title

1984  movie click on title

Liberals and Conservatives Unite to End Poverty click on video title

Glass-Steagall Act repealed Causes Economic Crisis click on video

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane – Not a horror flick but rather a psychological Masterpiece demonstrating the psychopath and its victim they make mad

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Bill Clinton Admits it Was Wrong click on video title

Glass-Steagall 1933 but What about Today? click on video title

The Men Who Crashed the World click on video title

The Biggest Con Job click on video title