Q. What is the advantage of joining a federated club over just any other republican party club that is not federated?

A. Federated clubs have been passing the torch for over seventy five years from one leader to another. Because other clubs have no consistent support or management system in place they are vulnerable to disengaging or falling away. Through the Regional Deputy President and District Director of TFRW they encourage and mentor the club Presidents. The Federated club purpose is to ensure a solid support base for the republican party they can rely upon in solidarity.

Q. How are the membership dues spent?

A. One half of the primary membership fees are directed to the Texas Federated Republican Women in Austin. They spend the funds on many different projects including arranging workshops that teach us all to be not only engaged but more effective and to help support the National Federated Republican Women headquarters. The other half and funds collected from associate members or fund raising projects remain in the club to offer support to our own community.

Q. If I wanted to run for office who would I call?

A. Depending on the Senate District or Congressional District you are running in as a candidate would depict which clubs to contact. I would suggest you contact the Texas Federated Republican Women website. They will help you to locate your nearest TFRW clubs and contact information of the club Presidents. Then I would introduce yourself to the club Presidents and ask to be a speaker at one of their meetings.

Q. Are there any specific women in Texas politics that launched their political career from a TFRW club?

A. Senator Jane Nelson who is the first female chair of the appropriations house and is now a Senior Finance Chair. Also, Lisa Hendrickson; co-founded Ladies of Liberty TFRW Club and is now the party chair in Denton County. Dianne Edmondson was the previous party chair serving for fourteen years prior and is now acting District 12 Director. Juli Luke our Vice President is now serving as Denton County Clerk. Dianne helps mentor up and new coming club Presidents and lends a helping hand to make sure the bridge is still there; to other women; to launch their political careers and or participation in their communities in a meaningful way.

Q. How do I find out what and or when the Republican Events in Denton County are scheduled?

A. Click Here at the Denton Republican Events Calendar.

Q. What is the ranking system with TFRW and NFRW?

A. First we have the National Federated Republican Women who has their headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. They are supported by all the different state federated republican clubs. Each state federated club is located and identified by Senate Districts and Congressional Districts. Several federated clubs can be formed within the same districts as needed. Dianne Edmondson is the District 12 Director and Beryl Dowd is the Deputy President Region VI Senate Districts 9, 10 and 12. Beryl Dowd has been a huge support to our club keeping us on track, engaged and up to date and serves as Parliamentarian to Ladies of Liberty.

Q. Solidarity? Does that you mean you are in total agreement?

A. We function from the same premise. I don’t think much has changed from the time our founding fathers hammered things out in their day. Republicans didn’t arrive until Abraham Lincoln. If you are from the North you love Lincoln if you are from the south you usually have a raised eye brow. Historic events do not effect us all the same way; we have different experiences; therefore different opinions. Freedom is the premise. Republic verses a Democracy supports our freedom. Limited government is what we seek; not anarchy. That trio, Freedom, Republic and Limited Government is the solidarity. We know we must have someone directing traffic. The function of our government must be restrained from impeding on our freedoms or competing against its own citizens.

In Conclusion; a document that probably had a little to do with our own quest for freedom and independence. The Declaration of Arbroath came about shortly after the death of William Wallace aka Brave Heart in 1320.

Click on the picture to hear The Declaration of Arbroath read by  knightly figure.

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