The Texas Federation of Republican Women with more than 10,000 members across the Lone Star State, will arrive in Austin, clad in Republican red, on Thursday, April 6 for the TFRW biannual Legislative Day. Our agenda includes being recognized in both the Texas HOuse and the Senate, visiting with our individual legislators, a special luncheon and workshops on timely topics. Preceding the Day at the Capitol will be the Belles and Boots event on Wednesday evening, which is always lots of fun.

TFRW ladies were instrumental in the stunning November 2016 Republican victories nationally and in many states. Some traveled to other states to help keep the US Congress in Republican hands. many others helped with phone calls and postcard writing to key districts, and there also were lots of TFRW: boots on the ground” to help right here in the Lone Star state.

However, we know that the battle against the “Progressives”, Liberals and “indivisibles” continues as they use various tactics to disrupt Republican meetings, take over Congressional town halls and, to use their own words, resist the Trump agenda.

On Saturday, April 22, the Lome Star Council, comprised of TFRW women from north and central Texas, will meet at 11:30 in the Reata Restaurant in Ft. Worth to hear more about the indivisibles, their plans and how to deal with these sometimes – unruly protesters. On a more pleasant note, we will also hear from green card warrior Nick Adams, whose remarks about American exceptionalism will inspire us. All TFRW members from north and central Texas are welcome. Contact Beryl Dowd, Deputy President for Region IX for full details.

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